Our kids are our legacy.

They are the greatest love in the Universe and we love oh so much to see them on the images and reminisce through their childhood.

Together we are going to create gorgeous, fine art portraits of your dearest ones (and you). So…

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? – Frida Kahlo

Pull out their best outfits, gowns and princess like crinolines. Don’t know how – we do it together. We will choose a theme, clothes, location and discuss details at a customized consultation prior to the photo session and make your wishes come true. You may opt for a professional makeover and make the session even more chic and epic. We will work in a studio and/or outdoors.

Your dearest ones can be your children. OR loving pets, adored and groomed. Whose mama and papa are totally proud and thrilled to show them to everyone. They are members of our loving family… they should always be photographed sitting in a lap or posing in the front row.

These gorgeous portraits look the best in a form of a huge wall art. Click the button below for more information…

This session includes:

❉ Pre-session consultation – here we discus and decide on clothing, styling, makeup and hair, location, colors, message you want to send and many more features

❉ Professional MakeUp and Hair session*

❉ Multiple change of wardrobe and/or setting (studio and on location)

❉ Fully guided photoshoot 

❉ Private reveal of your images where you choose the ones you love and take them home

Session fee is $450

Collections start at $900

Rates are subject to change at any time

*grooming is not included simply because we believe you have your preferred groomer already:). Therefore, hair and makeup is for you, dear pet lover.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – W. Disney

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