Hi! I am Sanja (Sa-nya) your photographer. I specialize in portrait photography and love to capture breathtaking images of people and pets of all ages.

I am local to Ashburn, VA, but love to travel to meet my clients. 

My passions are photography, painting, nature, gardening, cooking and, above all, my family. With my kids I rediscovered a kid in myself and I love to nourish her with a good old game of tag and Sunday ice-crams. 

I am inspired by meeting new wonderful people every day who’s stories I get to capture and share, and blessed with endless love throughout my life and work.

Let’s meet to tell your story together. You will have a great experience in a cozy studio or outside, in the beautiful landscapes as your background. Let me show how naturally glamorous, alluring, and slick you really are. Let’s take the best images you ever had. Joy of life starts with you.

Mission – Service

Every woman is photogenic and beautiful and my mission is to prove it, too. I take pride in the exquisite customer service and tailor-made portrait sessions, and strive to design, quite possibly, the best images you’ve ever seen of yourselves. 

Passion – Connection

I am very passionate about creating exactly what you envision and giving you a day of pure joy and comfort. Your authentic self is one of a kind – your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. Seeing you exactly how you are is my driving force when connecting with you and this is how your gorgeous portraits are born.

Vision – Inspiring Others

I have always had a vision of creating a safe space where you are allowed to take time for yourself and enjoy being and feeling beautiful, special, natural and totally authentic, without apology or guilt. This is the place of where your power and vulnerability live. Here you are allowed to say, “yes, the life can sometimes be tough AND we’re gonna make it! We will inspire others to make it too, because that’s what we do!

Be the woman you admire, love and want to meet!