For the record – yours truly used to ask herself this very question. Seriously. Because it is one thing to be behind the camera and a totally different one to pose.

People ask me all the time – so where is your family portrait? How was your beauty session? You must have tones of images to share… I am all about taking beautiful pictures of people and pets, making them feel amazing and photogenic, and getting above and beyond to present their style. But standing in front of the camera and being in the spot light – not in a million years.

However, when I asked myself why, all I could think of were the same old excuses – I don’t have time, I need to get much thinner before I am ready, I am too old, I am not photogenic, never have been. The truth is, it is much safer to take pictures of other people. But, how am I to tell my clients how it truly feels if I don’t try it on; how dare I ask them to walk with me into this experience when I am not being a role model?

And on it went, a bit by bit, pep talk with myself for months, I gathered my courage and went for a ride. I decided to be my own judge before I took my business elsewhere. I even went as far as to send the portrait for a competition and received an award with thePortraitMasters!!

From that moment on, my journey never ends. I take a selfie on an every-day-basis these days. I am not shy or uncomfortable anymore. I really like how I look. And that is because I accepted myself as I truly am NOW, not when I am 40 lbs thinner or prettier, or when I have more time to be photographed. I decided to take action to fight my fear instead of avoiding it. And it feels liberating! I am ready to pose like a pro and enjoy every moment of pampering that comes with it.

I am aware that everyone has their own unthinkable reasons. And you may still be thinking – who has their pictures taken for 3 hours and has a treatment like a movie star? How vain can you be? Who has that much time and how do you justify it to yourself and your loved ones, right?! But what if… what if this experience can change your way of looking at yourself inside and out? What if you open up to be a person you always meant to become and help many others reach their dreams with your energy?

I bet all your stories are amazing and beautiful and I would love to hear them. I would love to try to prove it to you that being who you are NOW is the best there is that this moment can give you. And taking your portraits to celebrate the now is one of the steps to allow yourself to accept and honor who you truly are – unique, gorgeous and magical. Gimme a call, send me an email and let’s start telling your story together. So thrilling!

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