I always look forward to any special occasion – a night out, dining at a restaurant, a visit to a theater or a gallery or a concert, a school event, or just having friends over for karaoke.

Although these occasions are rare, I am determined to leave everything set at home so that no one misses me while I am gone. Crazy guilt. By the time I finish, I am simply too exhausted to give it a thought about what to wear. So I usually put on the first thing I find and rush out not to be late for the meeting. This habit would go on forever, if something funny and rather embarrassing didn’t happen 2 weeks ago. 

I was out having coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen for over 6 months. We were at our 3rd hour and 4th cappuccino catching up, when her teenage daughter joined us for a cup of hot cocoa. Wow, did she grow tall! She is a highschooler now and wanted to talk with us about her senior portraits. 

We were all excited, planning the whole event, discussing various locations and wardrobe, when she suddenly stopped and looked at my chest. I traced her look and looked back at her confused, thinking, don’t tell me I have a coffee stain. But then she said, or rather concluded that I wore this same sweater last time we met. I denied eagerly, that is quite impossible, but she was absolutely sure. Hmm. There was a slight pause, deep thinking and reversing the wheel on my end, but I left the past and returned to planning her session…

Later that day I remembered the thought – How could it be?! It’s been ages since I saw her. Me wearing the same sweater was just a pure coincidence. Or was it… I went thoroughly through my closet. I started digging through my stuff and to my surprise I realized that I actually HAVE many things to wear, indeed, but because of the habit of just grabbing the same old stuff from the top of the pile I rarely ever dig deeper where the true beauty hides. The items I bought with pure joy, with intention, for special occasions, like coffee with a friend. 

Time to reorganize. Special occasion: 

  1. Clothes for a night out, check
  2. A restaurant, check
  3. A theater, check
  4. School event, check
  5. Friends over, check
  6. A PHOTOSHOOT! – now that is some special occasion. For this one, I would want all the good stuff, but not just the good stuff. I want clothes I look great in as well as clothes that feel comfortable. I want them to complement my face, hair, my body, my brand. I want them to speak for me before I get to say hello. Colors, shapes, cuts I love. Do I have it all in my closet? Probably. If not, I can always add to my collection a blazer or pants or sleeveless silk top in several of my favorite colors. After-all, who doesn’t need them all anyway. I may even rent a piece or two of a designer couture just for the occasion…

For all of you who may have the same or similar dilemmas, consider yourselves lucky, because you have me. This is my passion! I studied style and fashion and it brings me joy and pleasure to assist you in selecting those beautiful items and accessories you need for your photoshoot. 

You see, I believe that a great photoshoot results in making everything ready and working – from choosing your clothing items you look ravishing in, to styling, to jointly deciding on the set, colors of backdrops and undertones, light and makeover and finally the way I guide you to a pose that compliments all your qualities. Having all that in mind, we will work together to get to that point. So when in panic you tell me you have nothing to wear, you are inviting me over to your home to work on it together. Before you show me your closet or items you are considering, we will talk about your vision, that is, how you want to be photographed. I will show you some portraits I have prepared for you. And then, you will suddenly remember that you actually have exactly almost the same dress and shoes as in the picture, even earrings are similar and with that hair of yours –  you could totally pull that look you always wanted to. You will get so excited and we will set off to choose your beautiful couture. Just like that. 

Now I would love to hear from you. Do you have all you need for different occasions? What about for your photoshoot? What items would you love to have for the photoshoot you don’t have now? Would you enjoy picking, renting and selecting a wardrobe for your photoshoot? What would you choose? 

I would love to hear from you. Do any of the topics interest you? Do you have some topics you would like to hear more about? Send me an email at hello@photoartsboutique.com to be in the know. Or leave a comment below.

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