Have you ever had your portraits professionally taken? Can you remember how you learned about your photographer?

Usually, we see a gorgeous image of a friend or a relative freshly posted on social media. They tell how they had a wonderful time at last week’s wedding, and their happiness and gorgeous looks are contagious. You are under the spell – you want to see more of their photos = you love the light and colors and you want it, too. The whole package deal. And, if you are an intuitive shopper, like me, you will look the photographer up and send a booking request the same day. After all, we always need to update our looks :). On the other hand, if you like to plan and research, you will look online, check reviews, see if you know anyone else with the same good experience like your social media friend, and then wait for the right moment to book.

Fast forward several weeks and your photoshoot date is coming closer. Apart from the booking confirmation and a quick hello email, you have nothing to grab on. Frankly, you don’t expect anything either, because based on your experience or on what others told you, what’s there to expect?! Right?! Right. That photographer does not really want or need to learn what you want and how you want your pictures done. So you really feel like everything is out of your control. And hope for the best.

Now ask yourself, is this kind of an experience you would like for yourself? Is this an ambience that inspires you to be your most beautiful self? Can you seriously not stress about what to wear and how to do your hair and makeup? And wouldn’t it be so great that you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it?!

I would love to hear from you. Do any of the topics interest you? Do you have some topics you would like to hear more about? Send me an email at hello@photoartsboutique.com to be in the know. Or leave a comment below.

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